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Activities at ASHRAM Villa Sunshine

Be and create your own GuruAshram Villa Sunshine is a house for inspiration and self-development. Here a space is created for our guests to strengthen or find one’s own guide.

At Ashram Villa Sunshine there are opportunities for different arrangements, perhaps some of the proposals below will inspire you? Our leading words are; Happiness, Togetherness, Stability and Balance.

What do you want to do?

Ashram Villa Sunshine stands for diversity and equality and is not tied to any religion or political view.

Ashram Villa Sunshine in Sitges outside Barcelona - a taste of Paradise on Earth

Ashram Villa Sunshine is a beautiful four-story house with a magnificent view over the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated on a hillside in the town of Sitges – only 30 minutes from Barcelona.

Rent the whole house with 2 large apartments suits  and 4 bedrooms, with a capacity for up to 16 people. Or rent a part of the house with or without service or activities. Get nice meals, if you prefer, self-cater. You are most welcome with your inquiries.

I, Mikael Reuterberg, owner and director of Ashram Villa Sunshine and have worked as an entrepreneur for the last 30 years. In Sweden I have directed my own theatre companies, in Barcelona a pub with entertainment and in Sitges recreation centres. In my youth I took my degree in acting and directing. I am a holistic health coach, and have furthered my studies and now teach how to relax and handle stress, tension, food and health. I am also a international certified yoga teacher and an instructor in rehab-yoga- and kundalini-yoga.

For a big part of my life I have lived in Sitges and Barcelona which has given me a great network of contacts. My experience and knowledge of activities, travels and sightseeing, within the field of health and life styles changes well established .

Together with my co-workers I welcome you warmly to a true pearl by the Spanish Mediterranean coast – come and enjoy all the fantastic things we have to offer.