- Do you feel unbalanced and struggling to relax? Want to experience greater presence, focus and be more landed in yourself and your environment?

Special offer: Give away a Christmas gift

Buy a package of three sessions pay for the price of two, for only 99 EUR!
The offer applies to 2018-12-31.

We work on evidence-based methods, with mapping and focusing on finding your personal tools, for a better everyday life with recovery and increased well-being.

The package includes simple web-based service for stress management and customer conversations that take place via Skype or Zoom for 45 minutes per session.

The conversation includes:

  • Mapping your life situation, experienced stress situations and its causes.
  • Find a working target image and how to reach it.
  • Your individual stress management plan.
  • Find your own best way and identify your resources.
  • Strategies to learn how to handle stress.
  • Homework with simple and effective exercises, reflection, relaxation and mindfulness.
  • Follow-up, where we match your goals against the action plan.

The first reconciliation call is free. We recommend three to nine occasions depending on what you as a client want to work with. The sessions usually take place every couple of weeks.

Mikael Reuterberg is a certified diet and health coach, as well as stress and relaxation teacher.

You’re welcome to book an individual call in relaxation and stress management.