Do you think one thing, say another and do a third?

Then your not alone. Yoga makes you more aligned and focused -tools to find your full potential.

Feel Good Yoga is a technique based on classic kundalini yoga and medical yoga – Simple, clean and effective exercises for body and mind. Yoga is stress-reducing. While strengthening body and mental strength, the body offers the opportunity for proper recovery and relaxation. We use exercises for body, breathing, voice and sound, the experience strengthens and creates space to find your full potential and power.

Our yoga activities are usually arranged for existing groups, as well as in collaboration with yoga studios, travel agencies or other course organizers.

If you want to come by yourself, check out our estimated Sunlight Retreats that we arrange in November, January, February and March. When our path is dark we fill it with light and recovery and with yogic food and a warming community.

Mikael Reuterberg is a major teacher and is an internationally certified Yoga and Meditation teacher in Kundalini yoga and Medical yoga, registered with Yoga Alliance – RYS 200.

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Are you interested in joining a yoga retreat, or maybe holding a yoga getaway? Welcome with your request.

Mikael, incredibly talented and present. The yoga exercises are created so that everyone can join, no matter experience! It strengthens both body and mind. My husband Nick had a problem with his back, it became much better. Highly recommended.
Maria & Nicklas september-18
I have joined Mikael's yoga classes. It has been absolutely wonderful. Mikael is a very good teacher, everyone can participate, both young or old. I highly recommend his classes.
Selina August-18
I participated in a yoga group led by the yoga teacher Mikael Reuterberg. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I suffered from a stroke. We used a chair to sit on which made it much easier for me. Day by day, my balance improved, the speech became clearer and my vitality came back to my body and mind.