Do you have trouble keeping your new year's promises, need support to get in shape?

Special offer: Give away a Christmas gift

Buy a package of three sessions pay for the price of two, for only 99 EUR!
The offer applies to 2018-12-31.

We help and inspire you in life changes. We work efficiently with evidence-based methods and the importance on what benefits you and your best. As a health club we know the importance of continuous support. There are no shortcuts, it is often easier said than done to change behaviors. We are here for you, to give you motivation and encouragement.

Our diet and health advice is going on for three to nine occasions, depending on the wishes and needs of the climate.
We offer simple web-based service, for diet and health advice. Our consultations are via Skype or Zoom, for 45 minutes each session.

The consultations includes:

  • Mapping your life situation, focusing on diet and health.
  • Finding a working target an image, how you want or can you live your life and how to get there.
  • Identifying your resources so you can achieve your goal.
  • Home tasks with simple and effective exercises.
  • Follow-up and reconciliation with the action plan.

The first reconciliation call is free. We recommend three to nine occasions depending on what you as a client want to work with. The sessions usually take place every couple of weeks.
Keep an eye out for our Wellness and Health Care packages  or our Web Courses at Detox and Clean Reset, organized regularly throughout the year.